Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pumplenook Pottery - David Wells

Posted by Liz Phillips
Pumplenook Pottery - David Wells
 Pottery for sale on display in the garden

Pumplenook Pottery - David WellsIn the first of our art series blogs about some of the many talented local artists that live in our area, Plettenberg Bay in the Garden Route, we have chosen David Wells, the master potter from Wittedrift.

Dave Wells lives and works from his farm, and also gives lessons to aspiring local potters.
Pumplenook Pottery - David Wells
Everything about Pumplenook is delightfully quirky - from the sign directing you to the farm at the turn off from the R340, to his studio and his garden littered with the most amazing "reject" pots used as water containers and planters.

We love how his work is displayed on tables out in the garden, in the sun and rain, and how he operates on an honour system - if you visit when Dave is out, you can select your item and leave the money on the table!

Pumplenook Pottery - David Wells
Dave is very interesting to chat to - he has led a colourful life, and has gained his influences on his travels in New Hampshire, America and working in Sante Fe with the Pueblo Indians. He apprenticed to Charles Gothard and Hyme Rabinowitz. Brian Hyden and Tim Morris also guided his career.

Dave throws with stoneware for his larger pieces and his well known casserole dishes, but also produces exquisite delicate porcelain bowls and jugs. His decorations vary between African influences and free oriental brushwork. As a teacher, Dave is kind and patient, and has the wonderful talent of making his students proud of the most amateurish work - his students look forward to their weekly dose of artistic expression!

Pumplenook Pottery - David Wells
Pumplenook giant stoneware

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Pumplenook Pottery - David Wells


  1. Wow!! There are some amazing pottery pieces there. Next time I am in the Plett area I will definitely try drop by for a look. :) Thanks for sharing this and a great first blog post.

    1. Thanks Nikki - kind words xx Dave does the most amazing work.

  2. Bootiful and pretty too. I'm impressed